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TODO: Automatic padding should go up to GCD(bits1,bits2)... node-local 0:: | link-local fe80:: | IPv4-mapped ::ffff:••••:•••• | unique-local-random fd••:: | multicast ff••:: You can fill in an EUI-48 (MAC) addres in the hex bytes field to convert it to EUI-64 with link-local prefix.

To illustrate, suppose you were a computer programmer and you needed to write or communicate a binary number like 110110110110 (the numbering system recognized by computers).

The #define WINDOWS_TICKS_PER_SEC 10000000 #define EPOCH_DIFFERENCE 11644473600LL long long Windows Ticks To Unix Seconds(long long); int wmain(void) long long int Windows Ticks To Unix Seconds(long long windows Ticks) function can be used to compare two file times.

The function returns -1 when the first time specified is earlier. And it returns 1 when the first time is later than the second file time.

In each time zone, there is a different local time.

So the Sun rises at different times in different locations. Therefore, the world was divided into 24 time zones.

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Instructions: Enter the hexadecimal number you would like to convert into a decimal number, and then click the "Convert Hex to Decimal" button.